My week in pictures

I’ve seen this idea of showing your week in pictures on another blog and loved it! So tought I’ll give a try too☺️ 

   I started the week organising my craft room, it needed a good tidy! And also since Thursday we are having visitors over for a week so I might just pretend I’m not a messer:-)

   Mid of the week was my favourite part! Last couple of months me and my lovely friend Carrie are secretly working on new project, new business idea (crafty related of course!) and we met to take some shots for our social media. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!   

Here is myBIGself at 30 weeks with second bundle of joy❤️ I’ve put this pic up on my personal fb and it got 250likes! I didn’t even know I have so many friends on FB!:/

    Teddy bears and crocheted set arrived from Poland, made by my mum for they boys. I absolutely adore handmade toys and clothes❤️  


we brought our guests to Guiness Storehouse in Dublin and here is my little man enjoying it!
 I am sure all you crafters will agree that we just can’t bin things before making sure the item can be reuse or upcycle:) I was about to throw out pair of old jeans but saved the back pockets.. And I actually have no idea what to make now:/ would love you to throw some inspiration my way! Today I started this owl lady, she will get cute tutu skirt and will be given as present to little girl.

 The last picture is a little a spoiler… I am going to run a new giveaway on my Facebook Page and this is the prize☺️ chalkboard paint, jars and shabby chic style decorations for one winner to have fun with!

Want to know how to make Shabby Chic Hearts CLICK HERE


Need an inspiration for Girls Handmade Gifts CLICK HERE

Happy Crafting



15 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. I’m loving all of these pictures! And the little teddy with the banner…swoon! Totally get it about throwing things away…you can always make a little organizer with the pockets- it could go with your newly organized craft space? Have a good week!!!


  2. I love your pictures! Congratulations on your second bundle of joy on his/her way! ❤ I need to organize my craft materials too! With so many children in the house, it is necessary to reorganize thoroughly and often!!! 🙂

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