DIY sensory board 

This may not be the prettiest DIY you’ve seen on my blog.. But it’s definitely one of my favourites! Hubby made it and our little boy enjoys it a lot more than I thought he would☺️

Leon’s favourite activities are: bicycle bell (mummy is not sure:/), Velcro strips and cable tidy part☺️

TIP: check all euro/dollar/poundland for the accessories before traveling to DIY/hardware stores – we found them much more expensive!

Oh and make sure your hubby doesn’t drill the board on your living room table.. The holes are irreparable😬

Her is my previous project: DIY Quiet Book (no sew) VIDEO
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Happy crafting and DIYing



22 thoughts on “DIY sensory board 

  1. This board looks good and when your boy are so happy for that, all is good 😀
    When my oldest was little I made a doll figure, which can be both a girl and a boy. I made it with a botton and a closing for the botton, one foot with shoelaces to learn how to do, a little zip in the jacket and I don’t remember what more, but mayby you can use this idea too.

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  2. Love this! My wee boy is 8 months old, and I think something like this would really interest him. I have a sensory play box with everyday items in it, but a board with things attached would be good too as he gets frustrated when he throws the things away and then cant reach them!!

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    1. Thank you Hun!
      When my little guy was 10months old I made him ‘quiet book’ (there is no sew diy (plus video) on my blog) if you are interested☺️sensory box sounds great too! Kiddies just love whatever is not a toy😂x hugs Kasia


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