Etsy shopping haul! Jewelrry. 

I love handmade jewelrry. I’m a big big soutache fan! I adore statement pieces when it comes to jewelrry, as I don’t know much about fashion I usually go for plain outfit and style it with handmade artwork! 

I’ve previously purchased or was given soutache pieces, but what I got from Gi Soutache Jewelry is another level! The girl behind it is very professional and the earings are perfectly made. Everything arrived nicely and securely wrapped, just week after the order was placed!

There is 40% off SALE on everything! Just use code SALE40 in Her Etsy shop Gi Soutache


can you see my bump getting in the picture?:)
There is no pics of me wearing them as it’s no make up day!:-)

Gi Soutache Jewelry on Instagram gidesigns

Stay tuned for more of my shopping hauls… 



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