Start your own CRAFT business! 14 potential ideas.

Do you think you are skilled with crafts but don’t know what way to go? Were you making cards, crocheting etc but didn’t make any or very little sales? Have you been thinking of starting a craft/handmade business to make extra money or maybe considering it to be your real career?

Craft industry has expanded drastically over last couple of years and you need to stand out from the crowd, be unique to draw the attention of potential buyers!

In this post I am giving you a couple of inspirations. Your business don’t need to be exactly what I think may work, put your own touch to it.. If you have the passion for crafts, and you found yourself a niche GO FOR IT!

Here are some of ideas with relatively small start up costs!
1. Statement necklace – I am a huge fan of big, unique necklaces and I find it quite hard to buy them! And I mean unique, not from H&M or River Island, something totally different full of large gems, pom poms, beads.. Bright and out there! In your face! Nice large size statement necklace from high street stores can cost €30-€40?! I would be more than happy to pay this amount for handmade piece! And it’s achievable, I mean a smart crafter can ‘produce’ one using broken jewelry, buttons, bargains from charity shops and car boot sales are flooded with unwanted stuff that can be turned into a new, unique jewellery!


all the above pictures come from

Republika Artystyczna on FB
2. Tutu chandelier – I am including this idea as the DiY chandelier I made couple of weeks ago was one of the most viewed and shared post of The Crafty Mummy so far You’ll need

-tulle spools (get them from eBay, set a FREE delivery option and you’ll get tulle from China at app. €6 a large 100yards spool)

-styrofoam base or insulation pipe to reduce the start up costs

-ribbon and few hanging crystals to decorate

Here is a DIY LINK

3. Stuffed toys – but not the usual stuffed toys.. Think human organs! Ha! How cool? Human organs softie has also an educational function! So whatever you can do crochet, knit, sew or hand stitch using felt which is quite easy to work with! Make the full set: heart, liver, appendix, lungs! Give them nice happy face☺️

Or kids pictures transferred to a fabrics! They are taking by storms everywhere now. Your customer sends you kiddies scribbles and you sew a teddy toy for them, something to treasure forever!

4. Matching mummy and girl tutu skirts, or any outfit really!

You would be surprised how many times I was asked to do those.. And since I’m really poor seamstress I had to turn potential customers down..
5. Glass lanterns as a dolls/barbie bedroom (with lights inside)

6. Personalised garter. Made of tulle, fabric or crochet. Can include brides and groom names or/and wedding date.



7. Clay miniatures to create fairy garden. I personally found it really hard to purchase all I wanted for my fairy garden, ended up buying stuff from China..

8. Chokers – that’s something if you are into fashion! Chokers are a big hit this season.

9. Quirky brooch – with words like : pow pow, boom, what’s up, grand, howya…

10. Ceramic wine stoppers! No need to explain.. Who doesnt love wine?!

11. Various items with quotes. Mugs, plates, frames.. I bet you often read nice motivational quotes on FB and other social media and wish they were up on your wall or on the desk all the time!

12. Handmade boarding games

13. Hand puppets with famous faces and I don’t necessary mean celebrities, but rather scientific, philosophers or politicians (think, the extra educational purpose)

 14. Dream catchers -made from real, hand picked feathers! Ha! Hand painted or dyed!

️Hope I’ve inspired you in one way or another!

Remember once you have passion for something and found your niche, you’ll succeed!


Happy Crafting


21 thoughts on “Start your own CRAFT business! 14 potential ideas.

      1. This is absolutely adorable! I love it! 🙂 What a creative fairy garden – full of wonderful ideas! I love the little white rabbits and teeny, tiny wooden, picket fence! So cute!

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