Crafty update

Friday evening and football season is on.. The hubby is so super busy watching this so super important match (sarcasm:).. So I’m quickly posting on what is my crafty week consisting of so far!

flowers ready for two baby girl wreaths that I’m working on..:)
this bride girl is now with her hubby on my blue and pink wreath
one of completed houses this week (the one I am allowed to post:)
turtle is made of felt and sewn to a cushion cover (special friend request)
I’ve started Xmas shopping!
I actually made slightly differnt boy owl but forgot to take pic and this one is my little boys toy I made. when he was born
DIY organza flower was such a fun to make! see my previous post!
had some fun with my fabourite quiet book page!
And this is how I felt most of my week! 🙂

Happy Weekend to you!❤️



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