Guest Post by Crazy Crafts on a Budget 

My name’s Moira from . I started my blog a few months ago because I wanted to share my passion for crafting with people who have the same interests. And it’s also just nice to not have to talk to yourself all the time when you live alone. Not that I’m not a good conversation partner, but still..My blog is mainly about crafts and cooking (especially desserts, yum!) without spending tons of money. I also occasionally write a post about my life or other interests. Anyway, enough about me, here’s my guestpost.

Since I know thecraftymummy makes the most adorable owls, I decided to stay within this theme for this guestpost. I personally have a slight dessert addiction, so I made owl cupcakes in three different ways. The cupcakes are just storebought (since it is all about the decoration), but you could make some yourself.

1. The chocolate owl

For this one I used milkchocolate, a writing tool (of which I don’t know the name), baking paper, candy-eyes and candy-noses (which I used upside down to make the beaks). If you can’t find the eyes or noses, you could use some white chocolate with a drop of dark chocolate and m&m’s (cut in half for the beak). Instead of this writing tool, you could use some folded baking paper or a piping bag.

I started by by drawing the outlines on the baking paper. It’s basically an egg shape with half a circle on top. Then you turn the baking paper around and you can start putting the chocolate on. First do the outlines and then start filling it in. If you make a mistake, you can just fix with with a little napkin. While the chocolate is still soft, you put the eyes and beak in the right place and then you place it in the fridge. After about an hour it should have hardened and you can (carefully) take it of the baking paper. You stick it on the cupcake by using either some frosting or a drop of molted chocolate.


2. The big fondant owl
For this one I also used the candy- eyes and noses, but the body is made of yellow fondant. You could also use marzipan and use some food colouring. First you use a rolling pin to roll out your fondant. If it’s too sticky you could use some powdered sugar and sprinkle this over the fondant. Then you use a glass to cut a circle out of the fondant. On the bottom of this circle, you need to create a feather-look. I used a special molding stick for fondant, but you could just to do this with a knife or spoon.

Next you fold the two sides in to create wings (look at the pictures). You can mold them a little more and smooth them out. Then you fold the top half down and shape it into a head. With the back of a spoon you can smooth it out. Finally you just put the eyes and beak in the right place and push them in the fondant.

Now you can place it on a cupcake and again use some molten chocolate or frosting to make it stick.


3. The more simple fondant owl

If you have to make a lot of cupcakes, these owl is probably a better option. Slightly less realistic, but way easier to make. I used fondant and candy eyes. You start by rolling out the fondant and then use a small glass to cut out a circle. With a smaller glass (or a piping mouth as I used) you cut out half a circle on top. Then you use another color of fondant to shape wings. You can just use a knife to cut them to size. Next I pushed the two eyes in the right place and with a little piece of fondant I created a beak. And voila, just place them on the cupcake and you’re done!


Hope you enjoyed this post and good luck with your cupcakes!


‘Guest Post for The Crafty Mummy Blog’

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