Crafter Interview – Caroline Jones 

I had a pleasure of meeting Caroline at a craft fair couple of years ago where she was selling her beautiful creations while holding her newborn baby girl in her arms! My little guy wasn’t even in the plan  yet at the time☺️and here we meet again, both living the dream as passionate crafters and mad in love mummys! Me, a wifey and Caroline newly engaged soon wife to be!

Caroline is Buttons and Buttercups creator, and mummy to two stunning little ladies! Crafting full time in her magical shed in her back garden in Dublin. Buttons and Buttercups is where you can find beautiful bespoke wooden plaques for any occasion you can only imagine!

If you never chase your dreams you will never catch them…


Why do you craft? How did you learn? How did you get interested in crafts
I started crafting whilst pregnant on my second bundle of happiness. Painting, really to keep me relaxed and well during my pregnancy. Everything is self thought really. It’s all about trial and error.

What are you can’t-live-without craft essentials?

Buttons, buttons and more BUTTONS. Glitter always goes a long way too. My ideal day out is a trip to the Art and Hobby shop.

How often do you craft?

Every day. I try my best to balance family life with my business but do tend to have a brush in my hand a some stage each day. I have a stall every Saturday at the Terenure Village Market in Bushy Park, D6w so that evening I usually get to put my feet up. I’m delighted though to be kept so busy.

What sorts of things are inspiring you? Where do you look for inspirations?

I love children’s art. My daughters definitely inspire my creative side. Their bedroom is a colourful wonderland.
When do you feel the most creative? 
When playing with my little girls. Their energy and positivity influences me everyday.

What is your most popular/best selling make? 

My family trees are really popular at the moment. Also, my countdown chalkboards are always a top favourite. These are great gifts for soon to be Mum’s and Dad’s and engagement presents.

How would you describe your style
VERY colourful and quirky.

Can you share with us some good DIY/Craft related tips

Reuse and recycle. A lot of my wooden plaque are made from pallets and reused wood. Some fabrics and buttons are taken from my daughters old dresses, I can’t throw out.

What is your favourite thing to do other than crafting? 

Since working from home, sometimes the walls feel like they are closing in if I’m in the house all day. I really like taking a break and going to the gym for an hour. I sometimes go with friends so it’s nice to get out and actually talk to people, instead of myself (LOL☺️)
What is your advice for people who want to start crafting or craft and want to start selling? 
Believe in your products. You have to be confident in what you’re selling to make sure your customer’s go away happy and hopefully return. Facebook was a fantastic platform for me getting started.

What makes you smile

I smile from ear to ear when I hear back from customers on how their gifts were received. It’s such a lovely feeling knowing that things I’ve created are now loved and treasured all around the world. I smile A LOT. Life turned out lovely.


Leon giving a kiss to Lucy!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

You can find Caroline’s work here Buttons and Buttercups
Photographs taken by Magic in a Frame Photography

New crafters story to come soon…


Kasia Eska-Grajek 

The Crafty Mummy

6 thoughts on “Crafter Interview – Caroline Jones 

  1. Aww both L names. Leon and Lucy. Awesomeness. Love to see and read posts like this. I truly believe if you can do something you love everyday you’re never ever feel like you’re working a job. I wish I could do that.

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