1st Birthday Party 

We had lots of fun! My lovely frined Carrie from Carrie Loves Candy helped me to decorate the garden for the day:)  I DIYed less than I initially planned..as I didn’t expect there is so much to do!


DIY boats made of craft foam and cockatail stick
DIY jellies, condensed milk with blue colourant and cherry jelly
DIY chalkboard made of MDF board
I got my friends to help me make lots of tissue paper pompoms

I forgot to take pics so here a quick tutorial I sourced from Pinterest
my beautiful sister, Leons godmother
face painting by my sister☺️
proud older brother Stefan
girls checking on my DIY work



12 thoughts on “1st Birthday Party 

  1. Such a fun and colorful day! Happy Birthday to Leon ❤ All the photos are lovely but I have to admit, I took a second and a third look at the one where the girls were checking on (studying?) your DIY work 🙂 I bet they felt inspired to make things on their own too 🙂

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    1. Thank you☺️he is a cutie! I got the outfit from Shabby Duck on Facebook, i wasn’t 100% happy with the service so that’s why I didn’t mention the business name, although it’s worth checking out, maybe it was just me unlucky:/ x


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