Crafter Interview – Nadine Gannon creator of Totes Amaz Bags

-Nadine Ganon creator of Totes Amaz Bags
Nadine is a 28 year old chocoholic girl with a huge passion for crafts. From the very first moment walking into the Totes Amaz Bags office I was amazed by Nadine’s handmade collection. She honestly supports local crafters and other small businesses, knowing how important it may be for those who are at the start of their crafting journey. The beautiful hand painted, personalized jute bags from Totes Amaz Bags have been on the market for the past 3 years, making many ladies, little girls and brides-to-be across the country very happy to own a unique bag designed and painted by Nadine.

I met Nadine in her office where Kasia the photographer from Magic in a Frame Photography shot the pictures to give you a closer look at the successful crafter whose passion became work.

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work”

Why do you craft? How did you learn? How did you get interested in crafts?

I have always loved art and crafts. As a kid, thats all I really remember doing, cutting up old birthday cards/magazine etc and even making things out of toilet roll.

What are your can’t-live-without craft essentials?
Well as my business is personalised bags, my essentials would have to be glitter/ribbon and bows, they top off my bags to make them extra girly!

How often do you craft?
As Totes Amaz Bags is my full time job I craft 5/6 days a week

What sorts of things are inspiring you? Where do you look for inspiration?
 I am inspired everyday when I receive lovely comments from customers. I remember its worth the long hours!

When do you feel the most creative?
 I love when I take a few days off or take a holiday and I come back refreshed, I clean my workspace (it can get very messy!!) and get right back into what I love doing

What is your most popular/best selling make?
For a long time it was my kids personalised bags but now it seems to be my future Mrs.. Bags they are €20 and seem to be very popular this summer!

How would you describe your style?
 When it comes to work/crafts its girly/sparkle, but my own style is comfy, anything for sitting around as I do a lot of that!

Can you share with us some good DIY/Craft related tips?
My tip is; pretty much anything can be recycled or upcycled I should say! Checkout Pinterest for great ideas from simple decorating jars to furniture makeovers!

What is your favourite thing to do other than crafting?
 I love spending time with family (I have 2 gorgeous nieces and a new little nephew to keep me busy!) My fiancée and my two doggies are the loves of my life and I like nothing more than chilling on the sofa eating chocolate!! And last but not least shopping I love a good ramble through Penneys/River Island with my best friend Lyndsey but lately its more Mothercare as she is 7 months pregnant!!!

What is your advice for people who want to start crafting or craft and want to start selling?
My advice is go for it! Why not! If your selling your craft and its your passion its an amazing feeling, however remember its not your life and you need to be able to take time off or you will run yourself into the ground. Oh and prepare for A LOT of mess!!!

What makes you smile?
 My nieces and nephew, playing with my dogs and my fiancée bringing chocolate home! The simple things in life!



Nadine got engaged recently on her trip to Rome! how romantic? she made this bag for herself!


another Totes Amaz Bags make! Glitter FAIRY DOOR personalised with name



Thank you Nadine for finding time to share the story and tips with us!

Totes Amaz Bags reached nearly 19k on Facebook page

Photographs taken by Magic in a Frame Photography

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”



More crafters interviews in making!

stay tuned



5 thoughts on “Crafter Interview – Nadine Gannon creator of Totes Amaz Bags

  1. Love the post! Very informational. I have an etsy shop but, I do not get a lot of sales. I just started a blog for it. Hoping it may bring in some traffic. Again love the post and do what you love!

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