Why I love Ireland, a short story how I became crafter

Before I start (ah feck it I’ve already started so it doesn’t make much sense to say before I start..) I just wanted to explain that I am aware of the fact that Ireland is a country of huge writers, famous for Nobel Prizes in literature and I’m not aspiring to be one! I just wanna tell ya why I love this land and its local inhabitants☺️You guys are kind, patient and very generous..oh and the weather, so inspiring (I’m not joking)! And I don’t say this things for the sake of saying, I have experienced them all I still do – everyday! Which makes it even more special – you don’t stop. Like the rain, no limits😉

Want examples? 

Irish kindness. You always say sorry, thank you, cheers, grand (oh I love good aul ‘grand’), you ask how are you, are you well, how’s things, howdy..

Patience. Even when you’re stuck in annoyingly long queue while the woman at the checkout/desk is a lazy b**** you don’t get mad, you chat to each other, you smile and simply wait for her to move the arse quicker.

And yes you are generous, you get together either its a community need, charity collection or friend of somebody you know needs an expensive medical procedure.. Irish open their hearts and wallets. Always.

And the small little things..when luas ticket machine wouldn’t take my fiver, lovely lady gave me €2 coin! 

You may think all these things are normal, ordinary.. No, they are not.

Oh am I not writing the story to tell why I became a crater?

So, it’s the weather! Yeah, I am a crafter because of Irish weather.

After living here for couple of years I loved pretty much everything about you except for this one thing.. Bloody four seasons in one day, consecutive rain for 60 days, wind that doesn’t only make my eyes tear drop but holds me from walking down the road (I think I have never knew what real wind was before coming here)

I needed to find ‘a cure’ for the dull, gray days, long dark evenings. On cold, October day, the famous wind broke the tree branches in my local park, which I picked while walking the dog. Brought them home and made my first wreath.. This is how In My Nest really started. I needed colours on bad days so I started playing with felt, fabrics, buttons..started crafting! Textures, patterns, different shapes and you don’t care about the rain anymore. All fellow crafters will feel the same excitement while reading about the colours, shapes etc..

I have no idea how I lived before.

Don’t complain, find your way!

So, yeah.. thanks emerald island, thanks folks!

Go raibh maith agat🍀

Hope there is many more beautifully coloured years for you and me to come❤️


11 thoughts on “Why I love Ireland, a short story how I became crafter

  1. What a brilliant post, I’ve never been to Ireland, It’s sure on my list of places to visit after reading why it’s so special, I’m not surprised you find it inspirational to your crafting

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  2. Charming! Your personality comes through in this playful introduction to your blog. When you’ve got the heart for art, you just can’t stop yourself. Many thanks for stopping by my abstract photography blog and liking one of my post. Have a great week!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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